Monday, July 20, 2015


  1. I had a dog and his name was Blue, (x3) Bet you five dollars he’s a good dog too.
  2. Ev’ry night just about good dark (x3) Blue goes out and begins to bark.
  3. Ev’rything just in a rush (x3) He treed a possum up a white oak bush.
  4. Possum walked out on the end of a limb (x3) Blue sat down and talked to him.
  5. Blue got sick and very sick (x3) Sent for the doctor to come real quick.
  6. Doctor came and he came in a run (x3) Says, “Old Blue, your hunting’s done.”
  7. Blue died and he died so hard (x3) Scratched little holes all around in the yard.
  8. When I get to heaven I think what I’ll do (x3) Take my horn and blow for Blue.
Here Blue, you good dog, you.

Tone Set: s mrd
Rhythm: ta; ta di; qr; ta-a; ta-a-a-a
Mode/Scale: tetratone
Melody: m-d; m-s; r-d
Phrase Form: a1 a2 a1 a3 refrain

Present: ta-a-a-a
Practice: ta; ta di; ta-a
Source: An American Methodology, Eisen & Robertson