Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Dance Josey


  1. Chicken in the fence post can't dance Josey (x3), Hello Susan Browny-o (every verse).
  2. Choose your partner and come dance Josey,
  3. Chew my gum while I dance Josey,
  4. Shoestring’s broke and I can’t dance Josey,
  5. Hold my mule while I dance Josey,
  6. Crank my fad while I dance Josey,
  7. Hair in the butter, can’t dance Josey,
  8. Briar in my heels, can’t dance Josey,
  9. Stumped my toe, can’t dance Josey,

Tone Set: la-sol-mi-re-do-la,-sol,
Rhythm: ta; ta di; takadimi
Mode/Scale: extended pentatone
Melody: mi-re-mi; re-do-la,-sol, la-sol-mi-re-do
Phrase Form: a1 a2 a1 b

Prepare: sol, la,
Present: takadimi
Practice: ta, ta di
Source: 150 American Folk Songs, Peter Erdei, Pg 51