Friday, July 24, 2015

Go Tell Aunt Rhody


Verse 1
Go tell Aunt Rhody (x3)
That the old grey goose is dead.
Verse 2
The one she’s been saving (x3)
To make a feather bed.
Verse 3
Old gander’s weeping (x3)
Because his wife is dead.
Verse 4
The goslings are mourning (x3)
Because their mother’s dead.
Verse 5
She died in the millpond (x3)
Standing on her head.

Tone Set: sfmrd
Rhythm: ta; ta di; ta-a; ta-a-a-a
Mode/Scale: pentachord
Melody: s-f-m; r-f-m
Phrase Form: a b c d

Other: Accompanying Book: ISBN 0-689-80765-1
Present: fa; ta-a-a-a
Source: Folk Songs North America Sings, Johnston, Pg 41