Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Old Chisolm Trail


  1. Come along boys and listen to my tale, I'll tell you of my troubles on the old Chisolm Trail, REFRAIN: Come a ti yi yippy yippy yea yippy yea, Come a ti yi yippy yippy yea.
  2. I started up the trail October 23rd. I started up the trail with the two U herd.
  3. I woke one morning on the Chisolm Trail Rope in my hand and a cow by the tail.
  4. Cloudy in the west, and it looks like rain. My darned old slicker’s in the wagon again.
  5. I went to the boss to draw out my roll. He figured me out nine dollars in the hold.
  6. Going to sell my outfit just as quick as I can And I won’t punch cows for any man.
  7. With my knees in the saddle and my seat in the sky, I’ll quit punching cows in the sweet by and by.

Tone Set: mi-re-do-la,-sol,
Rhythm: ta; ta di; qr; ta-a-a;
Mode/Scale: Pentatone
Melody: re-la,; la,-sol,; sol,-re
Phrase Form: a1 a2 a3 b

Practice: ta; ta di; ta-a-a; la,; re; sol,
Source: 150 American Folk Songs, Peter Erdei, Pg 28