Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rocky Mountain


  1. Rocky mountain, rocky mountain, rocky mountain high, When you're on that rocky mountain hang your head and cry. REFRAIN: Do, do, do do, do remember me. (x2)
  2. Sunny valley, sunny valley, sunny valley low, When you’re in that sunny valley, sing it soft and slow.
  3. Stormy ocean, stormy ocean, stormy ocean wide, When you’re on that deep blue sea, there’s no place you can hide.

Tone Set: la-sol-mi-re-do
Rhythm: ta; ta di; qr
Mode/Scale: pentatone
Melody: do-mi-sol; la-sol-mi-do; mi-re-do
Phrase Form: a b c1 c2

Other: Orffestration to accompany.
Prepare: qr; la
Practice: la-sol-mi-re-do; ta; ta di; qr
Source: 150 American Folk Songs, Peter Erdei, Pg 19