Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sailing on the Ocean


  1. Sailing on the ocean the tide rolls high (x3)
    You can get a pretty (one) by and by.
  2. Got me a pretty (one) stay all day (x3)
    We don't care what the old folks say.
  3. Eight in a boat and it won't go round (x3)
    You can loose that pretty (one) you just found.

Tone Set: ls mrd l,s,
Rhythm: ta; ta di; takadimi; ta dimi; takadi
Mode/Scale: extended pentatone
Melody: d-m-d; d-l,-s,; m-r-d; s-r
Phrase Form:

Other: Dance to accompany
Practice: takadimi; ta dimi; takadi
Source: 120 Singing Games, Choksy & Brummit

Dance Directions:

  • Verse 1: A large circle on the outside steps clockwise while a circle of four on the inside steps counterclockwise. On the words, "you can get a pretty girl," each inside person changes direction and takes the hand of an outside person.
  • Verse 2: the outer circle continues to move, and the inside circle walks beside their chosen person
  • verse 3: the original pull their partner into the inner circle, change direction, and walk counter clockwise in a circle of eight. On the words, "You can lose," the original step into the outer circle and their are 4 new people on the inside to begin again.