Friday, July 24, 2015

Turn the Glasses Over

This double-circle game is slightly more complicated than "Sailing on the Ocean." It involves moving in opposite directions in concentric circles, changing direction on musical cues and choosing a partner at exactly the right moment.

Form partners with boys on the inside and girls on the outside, and step clockwise in a circle with hands clasped in skating position (left hands clasped under, right hands over). At the words "turn the glasses over" drop hands. Outside circle then goes counter-clockwise while inner circle continues clockwise. On the word "ocean" (lose your girl in the ocean) partners grab hand and begin again.

To make it harder, the odd man out stands in the middle of the formation and steals a partner.

Tone Set: ls mrd l,s,
Rhythm: ta; ta di; ta-a
Mode/Scale: extended pentatone
Melody: s,-d; m-d-s; d-m-s;
Phrase Form: a1 b c a2

Other: Dance in source.  Cup Game can accompany.
Practice: l,; s,
Source: Just Five, Robert Kersey; 120 Singing Games; Kodály Context, Pg 228