Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hazrat Bibi Miriam


Tone Set: ltdrmfsl’
Rhythm: Ta; Ta-a; Ta-a di; Ta-a-a-a
Mode/Scale: Minor
Melody: l-m; r-m-r; t-d-r; d-t-l; l’-m; m-f
Phrase Form: a a b1 b2

Other: Dance
Present: Ta-a di
Practice: Ta-a Di
Source: Sanna Longden, Laura Webster, and Lisa Hart

Sanna Longden’s notes:

Be prepared for the beautiful song to beat through you and stay in your head for a long time. Sanna learned it from Laura Webster, a Cleveland, Ohio, music educator; Laura leaned it from dance leader Lisa Har.  the words are traditional in the Sufi culture, but the melody and dance come from the Dances of Universal peace.  Sufism, or tasawwuf, an Islamic sect, s defined as the inner mystical dimension of Islam.  Dervish, another name for Sufi, is an ancient philosophy, pre-dating Islam and other religions.
“Hazrat Bibi Mariam” is a peaceful song that means “Honored Mary, peace be with you -- and also with you.”  mariam, or mary, mother of Jesus, is important to observant Muslims.  “Mariam,” the name of the 19th chapter of the Quran, is an example of perfection, a sign for all people.  use this for celebrating women’s history and other events, among many reasons.

Dance Pattern
Formation: A circle of partners si-by-side facing center.  Hand are not joined.

A. Hazrat Bibi Mariam: All walk 4 steps in toward center, raising hand up slowly with palms facing up, your face following your hands.
Asalam ma laykum: Walk 4 steps backwards out of the circle, bringing hands down in front of the body, wrists crossed, palms facing torso, “blessing yourself.”
Repeat: in 4 steps and out 4 steps.  Reach up and down with focus and intention.

B. Begin a modified Gran-Right_and_Left figure with partners facing in a single circle.  Instead of grasping hands, touch wrists of oncoming person with hands cupped:
Asalam ma laykum: Partners touch right wrists, moving in a curving pattern, crescent-shaped pattern with 4 slow steps to progress along the circle.
Asalam ma laykum: Continuing in the same direction, touch left wrists and curve in 4 steps with the oncoming person (2nd one).
Asalam ma laykum: Repeat the pattern with the next person (3rd and last) touching right wrists.  Look into each one’s eyes while singing the words that mean “peace be with you.”

Whaleykum asalam: make a full solo turn in 4 beats (either direction) while bringing hands down slowly in the “blessing” movement (see above).  End the turn facing center.